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Fit Your Fitness In! At Home Workouts! Get It Done!

No gym required! Just take care of you first, you deserve your best! You can get a complete cardio, and toning work out at home! These are some exercise ideas to try! They don't require much space, and you can do it with or without weights in the privacy of your home! Great total body burners! Try 3 to 5 sets, 8 to 15 reps! You can do these exercises over and over, increasing the intensity as you build strength by adding more sets and reps. Then to really kick it up, weights! Then increasing the weights! Mix in your favorite tunes, you can't go wrong! Stay fit through the holidays and get ready for a Happy New You!


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Besides The Obvious Reasons, Some Unexpected Benefits Of Exercise!   Most people begin exercising to lose weight, but it is much deeper than that! There are so many more bonuses of exercise! If you lose weight the right way,(in a healthy manor, a few pounds per week) realistically, it is hard work, and does not happen overnight! Don't give up or get frustrated it will happen, consistency is key! Many people give up or quit before it have time to take effect. DON'T  QUIT!  It will happen!  In the meantime enjoy your life, and the other benefits of working out while you are on your way!  EXERCISE BOOST ENERGY   When you don't exercise your body slowly deteriorates, and eventually everyday task become difficult before you know it, it can sneak up on you! the good new is it is never to late to begin some sort of movement! Exercise improves the way we breathe, builds up endurance, builds muscle, makes everyday task, like walking up stairs, carry groceri
Slowing Down Is Good For Your Waistline! It takes 20 minutes for signals of satisfaction to reach your brain, Eating slowly will give your time to taste, and enjoy the food. This will also make you less likely to overeat. Challenging foods that take more time to eat will give your brain a chance to catch up with your stomach and realize that you are full!  Here are some options for you. Two big whole grain pretzels (dip each bite in mustard) Nachos (15 tortilla chips baked with salsa, nonfat bean dip, and lowfat cheese (eat hot) 4 cups of air-popped popcorn A baked apple 15 frozen grapes Five low-fat crackers with nonfat cream cheese and veggies An artichoke dipped in fat-free dressing Next time try one of these healthier choices at snack time!  
  Goals! Goals! Goals! G et moving, O n it,  A s soon as possible,  L ife Waits for no one, S tart today! Sooner than you realize, you will be on your way! More often than not we put off our dreams or goals in life out of fear of the unknown.  Sometimes it is afraid of failure Other times because it is too much work, and we are complacent in our comfort zone, even if that zone is not a happy place, it is a safe place! However, sometimes the known is more scarey! Who wants to be stuck in the same place this time next year! Or look back at a life, full of regrets! Here are some steps to get you moving in the right direction! 1. START NOW! Don't wait for a "New Year Resolution", Beginning of the month, new week, the clock strikes midnight! THIS AIN'T NO FAIRYTALE   this is your life! 2. Spend Time Alone Get away from the hustle and shuffle of life and get to know yourself, and what exactly it is you want to achieve! Take time out from all the di