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Besides The Obvious Reasons, Some Unexpected Benefits Of Exercise!  

Most people begin exercising to lose weight, but it is much deeper than that! There are so many more bonuses of exercise! If you lose weight the right way,(in a healthy manor, a few pounds per week) realistically, it is hard work, and does not happen overnight! Don't give up or get frustrated it will happen, consistency is key! Many people give up or quit before it have time to take effect. DON'T  QUIT! It will happen! 

In the meantime enjoy your life, and the other benefits of working out while you are on your way! 
  1. EXERCISE BOOST ENERGY  When you don't exercise your body slowly deteriorates, and eventually everyday task become difficult before you know it, it can sneak up on you! the good new is it is never to late to begin some sort of movement! Exercise improves the way we breathe, builds up endurance, builds muscle, makes everyday task, like walking up stairs, carry groceries, vacuuming etc. a breeze! 
  2. EXERCISE RELEASES THE HAPPY HORMONES Exercise regulates your mood in a variety of ways. It triggers the release of endorphins(brain chemicals) that act as a natural mood elevator, that does the body good, and makes you feel good all over! In the short term it is an excellent stress reliever, in the long run you will be less reactive to stress!
  3. EXERCISE STRENGTHENS BONES As we age, our bones lose calcium and minerals(OSTEOPOROSIS), which makes the bones more porous(break easily). Exercise is our defense against the process! Exercise stimulates bone development and growth! Exercise can help you preserve your bone mass! It is never too late to begin a program!
  4. EXERCISE IS A DISEASE FIGHTING WARRIOR  Diabetes,exercise improves the body's ability to use insulin, which could also lead to kidney damage, and high cholesterol. Heart disease Exercise reduces the risk, by making your heart stronger! Breast cancer because exercise  helps to control estrogen levels, it can reduce the risk of cancers relating to higher that normal estrogen levels. It also help the alleviate Menopause symptoms, and helps with Premenstrual  symptoms also! It also helps to ward off Arthritis!   

  Exercise will improve your quality of life overall, the sedentary life is not the MOVE! 

It is never too late to start, and will soon see the fruits of your labor! It is hard work, but IT WILL WORK! 



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